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is it all in the mind ?

By on May 28, 2014

Do you know the difference between the mind and the brain ?,

Over the years you may have heard many phrases such as ” they are out of their mind ” or “its all in the mind ” or even ” mind your own business ” healthy mind healthy body ” Etc but just how significant is this ,Well it may surprise you to know that the significance of these phrases is immense .Everything you DO, FEEL, and THINK, centers in your mind  not  your brain which is an organ and essentially the same in most people.

why then might you ask if the brain is the same and the bodies are more or less the same do we not all act the same like the same things etc etc .well the reason we are different is our MINDS ,our minds are wonderful they are what makes us us ,they are the result of years worth of thinking , learning, experiences,  feelings,  judgement s mental filtering etc etc ,this is great until we come up against problems in our lives like anger depression frustration anxiety obesity etc etc these are all problems centered in the mind . In fact there’s an old saying that goes “get the mind right and the body will follow ” ,this saying originates from the knowledge that the brain controls the body and guess what has a large degree of control over the brain ?? ,yep you guessed it our old friend the MIND  .the mind is develop

So when you get your mind right everything else WILL fall into place

whatever problems you may be facing with the help of C.B.T counselling and therapy ,you can start to change your thinking and get over ANYTHING in your life ,you know a wise man once said ” whether you think you CAN or you think you CANT you will be right in both cases ”

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