Hypnotherapy Can Help You Make the Changes That You’ve Always Wanted

By on April 10, 2014

The conscious part of our minds is in some ways the most powerful aspect of our brains, however, in other ways it is also the most limited. Your unconscious mind is currently controlling every aspect of your bodies functions. Every muscle, nerve and cell is being regulated by your subconscious mind, and it is regulating how your body is functioning.

Hypnotherapy is such an effective technique, because it communicates directly to your subconscious mind and reprograms how you respond in different situations. For instance, if you have a fear of spiders, and suddenly you see something small move across the floor, then you will immediately become frightened and disturbed. This small object may be a spider, it may be a ball of hair, however, once your phobia has been triggered you will probably go into a state of fear because you subconscious mind associates spiders with danger.


If you try and consciously calm yourself after your phobia has been triggered, then you will probably have poor results, as you fight or flight response has already been activated by the supposed danger of the potential spider. Hypnotherapy, however, talks directly to the unconscious portion of the brain, which dictates how people respond in any given situation. If you were hypnotised, then your subconscious could be taught not to fear spiders, or anything that you think resembles a spider. You may now assess any situation involving spiders, which once may have sent you into a panic, with as much calm and composure, as if you were undertaking your most well known routine.

The level of confidence that you receive from hypnosis is very difficult to match with any other technique. If you are seeking a London hypnotherapist, then you will make massive progress in any area of your life, in just a small space of time. You don’t have to accept any phobias or addictions in your life because thanks to hypnotherapy you can make the changes that you’ve always desired. Search for a London hypnotherapist today, so that you don’t have to fall into old, disempowering patterns, and start to build the life you’ve always wanted.

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