EMDR (eye movement therapy) what is it

EMDR or EMT are eye movement therapies clinically proven to help with trauma and post-traumatic stress amongst other things , EMDR and eye movement therapy work on the assumption that when someone is involved in a distressing or traumatic event they may be overwhelmed and go into a kind of shock which leads to the brain not being able to process the incident as a normal memory so the trauma or distressing event gets frozen in a neurological pathway in the brain and every time that anything even remotely connected to or reminding the person of the event the person will relive the distressing feelings and thoughts

EMDR and eye movement therapy helps combat this and re incorporate the distressing memory in a more healthy less traumatic way thus helping the client overcome and process trauma in a psychologically healthy way

This treatment is remarkably effective and a real breakthrough in the treatment of trauma and stress

If you think EMDR or eye movement therapy may help you with a trauma in your life please contact Anthony Mack therapy to discuss further.