Counselling is a talking therapy that allows a client to talk about their problems and feelings in a confidential and dependable safe environment.  A counsellor is trained to listen with empathy, and can help to deal with any negative thoughts and feelings the client may have.

Counselling – What It Is and What It Isn’t.

A counsellor is a professional trained to listen to a client in a safe confidential  non-judgemental empathetic way. A counsellor is aware that no two people are alike, everyone has their own experiences and ways of understanding and seeing the world. Counselling can best be described as a process whereby the counsellor and the client set aside time in order to explore difficulties which may include stressful or emotional feelings for the client.  Counselling helps the client see things more clearly or perhaps from a different view-point. This can enable the client to focus on feelings, experiences or behaviours and work toward a positive change.

A counselling relationship is built on trust and confidentiality, honesty and acceptance. Anthony offers a safe confidential non-judgemental environment in which the client can explore anything which may be bothering them.

What counselling is not. Counselling is not giving advice, does not offer any judgement, does not attempt to sort the problems of the client.  Counselling is a safe confidential environment in which to explore feelings and emotions. Anthony believes that self-acceptance is paramount to good mental health and counselling can help immensely in this area.

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