Addiction Doesn’t Have to Rule Your Life

By on April 10, 2014

The main problem which is faced by anyone who has become addicted to a substance or an activity is that they belief their existence depends on this process. Whatever is the object of your addiction, the most difficult challenge which you face is breaking the routine and stopping your reliance on that substance.

Our minds are made out of neurons which are all inter-connected with one another. The more we use a particular substance, or get involved in an activity, the larger the network of neurons becomes, and the more areas of our life that become associated with that negative process.

This is why it so difficult to break a habit. We become habituated to a certain routine and we automatically perform the same process. When we try and break that sequence of events on our own, we meet great resistance in our minds and this is why alcoholics will regularly swear off alcohol during the night before or in the morning, and then find themselves drunk in the evening. The resistance then becomes an emotional reliance too

Their minds have become habituated, and in some senses reliant, on this routine, however negatively it impacts on the rest of their lives.   This pattern of addiction does not have to be a death sentence because there are many ways for you to overcome the routines which are holding you back. If you search for London CBT or London hypnotherapy, then you can find the help you need to free your mind from fixating on substances which negatively impact on your life.

PSYCHOTHERAPY AND COUNSELLING will help you come to terms with the reasons you have become addicted and CBT is a great way to form new patterns of behaviour that feel just as rewarding as your old negative patterns of behaviour. Hypnotherapy is also an incredibly useful technique because it speaks to your subconscious directly, allowing a trained hypnotherapist to open your mind up to new patterns o behaviour, as well as highlighting to your mind, why you wanted to break your addiction in the first place. NO ONE NEED SUFFER THE DESTRUCTION OF ADDICTION ,WITH THE RIGHT HELP ALL ADDICTIONS CAN BE OVERCOME


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